Patient Rights Charter

The patient has the right to:

  1. The treatment and care needed, with respect.
  2. Knowing the place of residence in the hospital, the doctor, the nurse, and members of the special treatment group, if desired.
  3. Obtaining the necessary information about the necessary tests, treatments, possible complications and methods of diagnosis by the physician and staff.
  4. According to the legal standards, the patient can be discharged from the hospital, with the desire to do so, by listing the reason for leaving with personal responsibility to terminate treatment and return to other medical centers.
  5. Observe the privacy and the principle of confidentiality with regard to the disease.
  6. The right of access to a doctor for the duration of treatment in the hospital.
  7. Submit a complaint to the competent authorities in the event of violation of his rights, without fear of any imbalance in the quality of services (during treatment in the hospital and until exit from it).